9TH NOV 2020

Solutions For Relief Of Colic In Babies

Experts say that, if your baby cries for more than three hours for three consecutive days, colic could be the reason. Typically, a baby who suffers from colic will arch its back, clench its fists, tighten its stomach muscles, and bend its arms and knees towards its belly while crying. You will feel tightness in their abdominal region, and they might be more gassy than usual.

What Causes Colic?

Colic is a condition that typically starts when your baby is about 3 weeks old and goes away by the time they are 4 to 6 months old. While gas or indigestion are common triggers of colic, the cause of it is unknown. Some believe that is it caused by an intolerance toward substances in breast milk, while others believe that it might be hereditary. Regardless of the cause, there are some effective ways to relieve the symptoms of a colicky baby.

Solutions For Relief Of Colic In Babies

Give A Warm Bath- one of the first remedies to try is giving your baby a warm bath. Warm water typically relieves the pain of colic.

Apply A Warm Compress- similar to a warm bath, a warm compress placed on your baby’s tummy can help relieve gas pain.

Massage Your Baby- not only does an infant massage soothe your baby, but it can also aid with digestion.

Try The Pedalling Exercise- the pedalling exercise can help relieve gas quickly. Just place your baby on its back and hold its ankles carefully together and gently push one leg at a time towards its tummy.

Try Burping- sometimes, something as common as burping your baby can help relieve the symptoms of colic. Put your baby on your shoulder, being sure to support its neck and shoulders, then gently rub or pat her back till you hear a burp.

Watch What You Eat- avoid eating foods that could cause colic symptoms to worsen. These can include dairy products, citrus fruits, caffeine, and spicy foods.

Use A Podee Bottle- the Podee® baby bottle is specially designed to enable you to feed your baby in an upright or semi-upright position. Most paediatricians recommend this feeding position because it is proven to reduce reflux, colic, and ear infections.


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