Podee® Convert-A-Bottle Feeding Kit


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The Podee® Convert-A-Bottle feeding kit allows you to convert any standard slim neck baby bottle into a Podee® Hands-Free feeding system.This Feeding kit also comes in handy when you need a complete set of podee parts.

It ends dropped bottles and allows for upright feeding to help reduce ear infections and colic. Parents have found it to be very helpful in feeding multiple babies at the same time and infants with challenges as well.

Podee® introduces a baby feeding system that allows to feed babies in an upright position instead of a horizontal position as recommended by pediatricians to help prevent colic, gas build up, ear infections and reflux.

  • Helps prevent colic and gas build up
  • Helps prevent ear infections
  • Helps prevent reflux
  • Great feeding system for traveling or feeding multiple babies
  • Meets safety standards.

The kit contains all the Podee parts except the bottle.

1 x Teat

1 x Long Tube

1 x Short Tube

1 x Adapter

2 x cap rings

1 x Tube cleaning brush.